Dance Styles

The core of Beeja’s work is based in bharatanatyam. It also offers workshops in ‘Bollywood’; folk dance forms like ‘bhangra’ and ‘garba’ and performances in other classical Indian dance styles.


Bharatanatyam dance has energy and attack, fluid movement and expression that is full of nuance and subtext. It engages every part of the dancer’s body and being, blending pure abstract dance (nritta) and narrative exploration (nritya). It is characterized by a grounded body position, explosive rhythmic foot work and striking geometric lines drawn through the arms and torso. The dancer uses eyes and hand gestures to sculpt the physical space around her and lead the audience into an imaginative realm of story and emotion.

Bharatanatyam is a classical dance with ancient origins in the devotional and creative life of South India where it evolved in temples, communities and royal courts. The dance is underpinned by South Indian Carnatic music. Bharatanatyam performance is a dialogue between the dancer, musicians and the audience, creating a dynamic of presence and immediacy. It is a composite art form drawing on rich traditions of Indian poetry, devotion, drama, philosophy, myth and visual art.

Historically the dance belonged to the devadasis (servants of god), female temple dancers symbolically married to the deity of the temple. They danced and sang as an integral part of ritual worship and spiritual expression.

Today Bharatanatyam is a major international dance form inspiring students and audiences the world over. Its compelling vocabulary of movement and feeling speaks across time and culture and is a force for expression in contemporary life.


Bollywood dancing rocks — it is fun, glamorous and versatile. Bollywood dancing is a generic name for song and dance moves and sequences from the Indian cinema. It taps into the current popular cultures. Its vast appeal and success lies in its ability to blend various musical and dance styles from Indian classical and folk to pop and hip hop. It is easy to learn and enjoy.