Bollywood dance is a wonderful blend of all Indian dance styles including classical Indian, folk Indian and often now R&B and hip hop fusion.  Bollywood dance is firmly part of the current Western mainstream in music and films and is at the forefront of dance in London.  It is unique, vibrant, exciting and a fabulous way to improve your musicality and fitness.

Have you found it difficult to get active during these last few months of lockdowns and social distancing?

This Girl Can along with Croydon Voluntary Action want to encourage those who live and/or work in Croydon, to get active. This Bollywood dance class, designed for beginners. It is a fun class for those who are finding that they are not doing enough exercise and activity.

For those who are not Bollywood beginners, Beeja has an online class for you at 7 pm every Monday. For those who want to learn Bharatanatyam, Beeja does an online class on Tuesdays. Please contact us if you want to join it.

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