Beeja works as a collective and its methods draw on the skills of its members — bharatanatyam and other Indian classical dance forms; bollywood; Indian folk; body conditioning forms like pilates and yoga; visual arts, music and design — as well as including storytellers and spoken text. It seeks to develop a distinctive way of working that will offer an all-round experience.

Beeja’s experience is wide and carefully eclectic. It ranges from performances in major theatres to work in museums, from workshops in corporate environment to making new work with special needs children; in varied settings, from museums and village halls to hospitals. In each, it uses dance, music and theatre to connect directly with audiences and participants, of whatever age, skill and background. Its work inspires people to interact and participate.

Beeja choreographs for a diverse range of traditional and innovative spaces and has performed in major theatres, museums and even the London Underground. Beeja creates workshops and residencies for performance professionals, schools, hospitals, special needs groups and corporate employees. Beeja puts energy and experience into creating work that is enjoyable, inspirational and makes a direct connection with the needs and interests of participants.

Its founder Anusha Subramanyam is a bhartanatyam performer and a trained Dance Movement Therapist, and believes strongly that movement and emotion are close allies. The group’s deep understanding of body work enables these to be accessed and explored in a supportive, creative and enjoyable environment.